The Nuka Token ICO

"I believe in Unicorns"

I am an enthusiastic video game developer trying to raise some money to develop my first video game. This could be the first step of a new life: it is the chance to create a new video game development company.

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Why this ICO?

My name is Heihachiro Kianzaki, a 27 year-old games developer with a dream: create a great video game! I'm aware of the fact that producing a video game is a complex process involving different tasks and that it requires a high level of expertise. In order to do a proper job, I have planned all sub-tasks in advance and I have estimated a budget of around 100,000-150,000$. Since the ICO "ecosystem" is attracting a huge amount of attention around the world nowadays and it seems to be the best option to reach potential investors, I decided to give it a try!

As you have probably already guessed, I don't have the necessary funds to bring my project to life, and since I don't want to be bound to a big company that would take the credit for my ideas and also the majority of the takings, I'm asking everyone who is willing to help me out to participate in this ICO. If you are interested in knowing more about my project, continue reading...

...and decide if you are brave enough to risk a few coins to be involved in the birth of what could become a new video game company! Yes, I believe in unicorns!!!

The idea

Unfortunately, I can't give away too many details about the video game I'm trying to bring to life. However my main motive is to create a game that is well worth playing and capable of taking the player back to the emotions, feelings, and nostalgia of videogames from the eighties. All this introducing new aspects and elements to the old glories. Among all genres of videogames, I like RPG, RTS, ACTION, and FPS games, but the ones I enjoyed the most are the good old "Beet 'em Up"!

All of these have particular aspects that distinguish them from the others and have been perfectly rendered and merged into fantasy stories and universes. What I'm trying to create is a video game where you can find aspects from different genres, mixed with a pinch of crazyness and new elements! The game will see the players trying to save the world from an alien threat. There will be 15 levels, 15 playable characters, vehicles, enemies (including mini-bosses, and level bosses)...a lot of attention to details and a huge amount of adrenaline and fun!

Your Reward!

Anyone participating to the ICO will get free and exclusive content (for example, some "cosmetics" for main characters). But, for the ones contributing with at least 0.01 ETH (or more) there will be a free copy of the game!

In order to receive the code to redeem your free copy, you have to submit your information in the form below.

Apart from that, since Nuka Tokens are ERC20 compliant, they are technically tradable. This means that it could be even possible to get some revenues by selling Nuka Tokens.

How to contribute

Nuka Token distribution

First of all, there is no minimum contribution necessary to obtain NKT tokens. This decision has been driven by the fact that I do not think that big investors will contribute. I am one guy asking for help to other guys out there in the web.

I have written the contract and set the NKT/ETH rate to 70.000 NKT. For 1 ETH received, the contract assigns 70.000 NKT. But there is also a bonus for the first 500 transactions. Following the “First come, Best Served” approach, the bonus is going to decrease by 1% every 5 contributions received, independently by the amount of ETH contributed.

Contribution ETH Base NKT Bonus Total NKT
< 5 0.005 ETH 350 NKT 100% 700 NKT
< 5 0.05 ETH 3500 NKT 100% 7000 NKT
5 < 10 0.005 ETH 350 NKT 99% 693 NKT
5 < 10 ETH 70000 NKT 99% 139300 NKT
495 < 500 0.005 ETH 350 NKT 1% 385 NKT
> 499 ETH 70000 NKT 0% 70000 NKT

Budget Allocation

I'm aware of the fact that producing a video game is a complex process involving different tasks and that it requires a high level of expertise. In order to do a proper job, I have planned all sub-tasks in advance and I have estimated a budget of around 100,000-150,000$.

The graph below gives a clear view about the budget distribution among the main macro-tasks of the video game production. Note that I have also foreseen the necessity to test all the code and artifacts produced. This costs are implicitly allocated to “Graphics”, “Team”, and “Music”.

About potential ROI

This section answer the most important question for most of the ICO investors: what is my Return On Investment (ROI)?
To help you answering to this question I invite you to consider the following aspects:

  1. NKT tokens are sold at a very low price, that is, about 0.01$ (or even lower, if we consider the bonus system for the first 500 investors)
  2. a copy of the game will be given to all who will contribute with at least 0.01 ETH
  3. NKT will be usable to buy DLCs and additional contents
  4. buying DLCs and additional contents will cost 50% less for those using NKT in the transaction (even less for the first investors)
  5. once the game will be released NKT will definitely increase their value because of point 3) and 4)

On top of that, if NKT tokens will be accepted by an exchanger, they would be probably traded at a higher price (very low price during ICO). Although I cannot tell you that they will be treadable, I'll assure you that I’ll try to make that happen, especially if I’ll be able to reach the budget of 150,000 $. But, I would lie if I told you that I'm sure they will be adopted by an exchanger.

  • The Beginning


    Game design development, game art design and demo artwork.

  • Game dev stage 1


    Start of game code development. First graphic tests and demos.

  • ICO Setup


    ICO set up: writing contract and whitepaper, website, social profiles.

  • ICO goes live


    The ICO starts today!

  • Game dev stage 2


    Consolidation of game code and graphics - Audio and effects integration.

  • Alpha development


    Alpha version development.

  • Alpha release


    Alpha versione release: a dream becoming true!

  • Beta development


    Beta version of the game.

  • Finish line


    Game release and redeem code distribution!.


I am a one-man team by the name of Heihachiro Kianzaki. I was born and I have studied in Tokyo. For a few years now, I have been living in the state of New York, were I work as a Junior Game Programmer.


Junior Game programmer: January 2018 – present

Junior Programmer: October 2016 – December 2017. I participated in different projects, helping in completing different tasks in some game development life cycles.

Internship: May 2016 – July 2016.Exciting 3 months internship that gave me occasion to learn some great lessons about the video game industry!

Frequently asked questions

What am I getting from joining the ICO?

First of all, you will obtain my gratitude, then you will get some Nuka Tokens.

The price I set for the Nuka Tokens is very cheap (around 0,01$) so their value can practically only increase.

Finally, you could even get a cool videogame.

Why nobody answer to my questions?

Because I am a one-man team and I cannot follow the social media all the time.

I will collect all questions and I will try to do my best to answer as soon as I have time available.

Are you trying to scam me?

No, I'm not. One of the first things written in this web page is that you have no guarantees that contributing will get you something back. But, if I will be able to complete the video game, anybody who participated to the ICO will get free and exclusive content.

Are NKT tokens good for something?

Again, NKT tokens are ERC20 compliant and this means that there is a chance that the NKT tokens will be tradable within exchange platforms.

Apart from that, anyone participating to the ICO will get some free and exclusive content of the game I am going to develop.

Are there dumb questions?

I believe there are no dumb questions. Feel free to ask whatever comes up to your mind.

I will try to clear out any doubt about the project for which I am trying to raise some funds. Please, consider that I cannot tell you everything about the game, I will provide you with as much as possible information without entirely revealing my idea.

Why should I participate in this ICO?

To help me out with the video game development and get some valuable free and exclusive content. You might even be able to raise some money by exchanging the tokens in the future by trading NKT tokens.

But, most importantly, you could be one of the group of person responsible for the birth of a new video game development company.